Stand-up reporting

A “standupper” by definition is a newscast that’s speaking in front of a camera standing upright by an anchor or presenter. Food for thought!

Hello! This standupper that I have presented today is towards my broadcasting course in Uni that was required for us to do! It was a pleasant experience because it got me to bring out the broadcaster in me (or so to say).

Within this google drive link, I have given my best to encapsulate teachings and values of being a broadcaster, even for 30 seconds only. Complete with attire, makeup, stance, and report.

The Report is on Ofelia Empian’s article on the Baguio Midland Courier DepEd scraps 50 schools in CAR for face-to-face classes.

(Translated, reported, and refreshed/constructed by yours truly)

(p.s. the video quality is up until 1080p but the optimal setting would be on 720p upon viewing, enjoy watching!) 

Words and illustartions by Gabriel Madriaga



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