A family vacation plan

Fam vacations seem a lot of fun! From finding the right place, enjoying the scenic routes, tasting different cuisines, and reminiscing when you would be departing to go back to reality.

The utilization of a mind map and checklist serves of great importance to figure out what would be the most efficient way to maximize the fun immersion in a brand new place that one has not been in before. Planning is an important stage to ensure that nothing gets missed out. From materialistic essentials to members of the family so that everyone is included and inclusive.

My fantasia place that would probably give a big smile on my face from the minute I book the flight to returning home would be LUXEMBOURG. A landlocked country in Europe that looks like every single Disney movie setting.

So when that day comes, I want to stay strapped and make sure I don’t miss anything for me and my family to enjoy our stay with no regrets.

When that day comes, ya’ll already know that imma be taking pictures until my camera roll can’t take it anymore, stuffing my face with food and cuisine, and buying stuff until I max out my card (Maybe. Not really, but potentially. I may need help.)

Words and Illustrations by: Gab Madriaga



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Gab Madriaga

(Uni Profile) A comm student who’s forging & surviving through fashion, art , and political rationality; Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines